Category: Adult Basic Education

Adult basic education classes are often available in communities and at local Community Colleges. These classes cater to adults and older teens (ages 16+) who need assistance with basic reading, writing, math, speaking or other skills. These classes are often very helpful for people who want to pursue employment, training or college. Often, adult basic education classes focus on helping the student prepare for an exam like the GED. In 2010, the US Census showed that more than 39 million people over the age of 16 who lacked a high school credential were not enrolled in an educational program. That’s 18% of American adults! Approximately 10% of those people tested in one or more areas of the GED test. Even adults with high school diplomas often have only basic literacy skills. The US consistently ranks near the bottom of recent assessments of adult literacy. Unfortunately, most of the people who have basic literacy skills are employed in jobs that do not pay well. Over 63% of adults with low academic skills are employed but often in work that does not earn much. Since over 3 million teens drop out of school every year, this number will surely continue to grow. Don’t be trapped in these sad statistics! Join an Adult Basic Education class today. We’ll show you where to find FREE adult basic education classes or courses that are very cheap.