Category: Food

If you’re hungry, we can help you find free food! Free food may be available in the form of groceries, commodities, farmers market vouchers, grocery store vouchers, hot meals, farm gleaning programs or something else entirely! We are developing a detailed map of all the community meals, food pantries and other resources in your area. Our list includes churches, government agencies, nonprofits and community groups. Please be aware that some distribution sites may restrict their distribution to certain demographics. For example, most backpack meal programs only serve children. Many congregate meal sites at seniors centers only provide the meal for free to adults who meet certain age requirements. While others are welcome to join in the meal, they are required to pay a set price for it. Be respectful and follow the organization’s guidelines. Some may limit their service area by demographic or geographical area. Others may require proof of income before you are served. Search our map now and find out what free food is available near you!

Groceries & Commodities

Stock your fridge with free groceries from your local food pantry, food closet or other free commodities program. While coupons can be extremely helpful, they might not go far enough when you’re facing a real financial crisis. Even food stamps usually run out by the end of the month! That’s where food banks and food pantries come in. Usually run by churches or other charitable organizations, these food banks provide nonperishable good and sometimes perishable ones to their guests. Some food banks offer fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and other provisions. In some cases, you’ll be allowed to select what you want. At other food banks, you’ll be given a presorted box of free groceries to take home. Be aware that many food pantries require photo ID, proof of address, proof of income or other qualifiers (although some have no restrictions at all). Pay attention to the specific listing for requirements. When in doubt, call ahead for information. Browse our map now to discover where you can get free food near you!

Hot Meals

Sometimes, you just need a delicious hot meal… and when you’re broke, you also need a free meal! If you’re looking for a free hot meal, we can show you where to find the nearest congregate meal sites, soup kitchens, free school meal programs or other free hot meals near you. At most of these places, you’ll be dining cafeteria-style with many other people. The meal is often served by carrying your tray or plate down the line as people serve you various dishes. The dishes may vary depending on your location. Some culturally-specific congregate meal sites are available that limit their offerings to those native to specific cultures. Others may accommodate dietary restrictions. You’ll need to read the specific listing to be sure. Hungry? You can enjoy a free hot meal at any of these locations!

Meals on Wheels

Seniors and disabled adults can get free or cheap home delivery meals through the Meals on Wheels program. This program delivers heat-at-eat frozen meals to the doors of senior citizens and disabled adults. The price of Meals on Wheels depends on your location. Some agencies offer them on a donation-only basis so that everyone can eat regardless of ability to pay. Others may assess a small fee for each meal (usually less than $4). In most states, EBT benefits can be used to pay for these meals. Meals are usually delivered once every week or once every two weeks. They are usually designed by a dietician to ensure that they are nutritionally balanced, healthy and meet the dietary needs of those who eat them. There are usually several meal choices available. You’ll need to contact your local Meals on Wheels agency to see if you qualify for home delivery meals through this program. If you do, they’ll walk you through the enrollment process and tell you what to expect. Fortunately, we’ve mapped the Meals on Wheels agencies in your area! All you have to do is browse our map to find out who you need to contact for more information!