Category: Groceries & Commodities

Stock your fridge with free groceries from your local food pantry, food closet or other free commodities program. While coupons can be extremely helpful, they might not go far enough when you’re facing a real financial crisis. Even food stamps usually run out by the end of the month! That’s where food banks and food pantries come in. Usually run by churches or other charitable organizations, these food banks provide nonperishable good and sometimes perishable ones to their guests. Some food banks offer fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and other provisions. In some cases, you’ll be allowed to select what you want. At other food banks, you’ll be given a presorted box of free groceries to take home. Be aware that many food pantries require photo ID, proof of address, proof of income or other qualifiers (although some have no restrictions at all). Pay attention to the specific listing for requirements. When in doubt, call ahead for information. Browse our map now to discover where you can get free food near you!