Category: Clothing

If you’ve ever wondered “where are the free clothing closets near me?” this map is for you! We know what it’s like to search for ways to get free clothes. We’ve put all the clothing banks in one helpful place so you can find the one that best meets your needs. Clothing closets, also known as clothing banks, provide gently used clothing for free to individuals and families in need. Although the items usually aren’t new (and you definitely won’t be able to get designer clothes for free), they are in good condition! Some clothing banks offer clothing to everyone. Others are more specific. Some free clothing closets only distribute free maternity clothes, free womens clothes, free business clothes, or free clothes for homeless people. In some cases, the agency may just distribute free clothes vouchers so that you can purchase items at a thrift store or designated retail location View our map to see all the free clothing sites in your area!