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Barton Health’s Family Birthing Center offers expecting parents a private birthing suite that they can labor, deliver and recover in. Amenities include as rocking chairs, flat screen televisions, refrigerators, wireless internet access and private showers. Each room has a fold-out bed so family members can comfortably spend the night.

Child Birth, Parents & Family Classes

Barton Health offers:

  • prenatal education and fitness classes
  • a comprehensive third trimester childbirth education program
  • classes and support groups for families with newborns to children age three

You can learn more about these services at this link.

Birthing Center Tours

The Childbirth Class series includes a tour of the Family Birthing Center. Additionally, private tours can be requested by calling the Family Birthing Center at 530.543.5547.

Lactation Consultations

Specially trained registered nurses can help you with your lactation needs by answering your lactation questions and addressing your concerns. After being discharged, lactation services are still available to you by making an appointment with a Lactation Consultant. You can call 530.543.5547 for more information.

Best Beginnings

The Best Beginnings program includes a registered nurse from the Birthing Center, who will visit you at home within the first two weeks after the baby’s birth to see how you and your baby are doing. The program is completely optional and free. If interested, ask Family Birthing Center staff about the Best Beginnings program.

Newborn Channel

The Newborn Channel is available in your Family Birthing Center suite. The channel plays informational videos about postpartum care for you and your baby. Viewing guides are available with scheduled programming. Available information includes:

  • preparing for your baby
  • hospital discharge
  • postpartum care
  • breastfeeding
  • infant care
    • sleeping
    • bathing
    • hearing
    • Shaken Baby Syndrome
    • SIDS
  • child safety/ car seat safety
  • infant development
  • family
  • healthy baby / immunizations
  • healthy moms

Mommy and Me Support Group

The ongoing support class, Mommy & Me, invites new mothers and their babies to attend weekly to share experiences and discuss the joys and challenges of parenting. You can receive support from other mothers as well as professional support from a childbirth instructor and guest speakers. Speakers and topics will vary week to week.

Footprints to the Future

You can have your newborn’s footprints engraved as a keepsake or for display on the recognition wall at Barton Memorial Hospital. Call the Barton Foundation at 530.543.5909 for more information.

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